About - Olivia Saienni Photography


The majority of the time, I am a lifestyle photographer specializing in family, childhood, & couples photography. I photograph all ages, including, babies at birth & newborns. Not only that, but I also indulge in shooting other photography genres, such as, graduation, wedding,  event, small business, landscape & travel. I am also very knowledgeable in editing and post processing using Adobe products, particularly, Lightroom & Photoshop.

The rest of the time, when I'm not capturing the valuable memories of others, I also work at AI duPont Hospital for Children where I have been a pediatric nurse for over 10  years. I think it is reassuring for future clients to learn that your children (and you) will be in extra safe hands! When I am not doing professional things, I am spending every moment I can in the company of my family. We are from Delaware, live in Avondale, and travel when we can.  

As a part-time professional photographer, I am always learning, growing, and educating myself. There are endless amounts and types of techniques and skills involved with both taking photos and post-processing them into perfection. I am lucky to have the opportunity to follow my heart and indulge in my passion for photography. 

While it is vital to understand that every photographer has a unique style in the work that they do, it is important for me to deliver to my client what they want. Before I dive into a photoshoot, I like to get a good understanding and idea of what kind of photos my client is looking for. I will travel for work! I REALLY love traveling and finding new beautiful places to take pictures.

If you have gotten this far in the about me section, I sincerely thank you for your interest in my passion for photography. If you are a potential client looking for professional photos, a fellow photographer looking at my work, or just someone who happened to stop by, I hope you enjoy what you see and please, do not hesitate to contact me!

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