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The majority of the time, I am a lifestyle photographer specializing in family, childhood, & couples photography. I've also been indulging in more weddings - my clients have loved my work, which is invigorating and has got me wanting to do more! I photograph all ages, including, babies at birth & newborns. Not only that, but I also very much enjoy shooting other photography genres, such as, graduation, portraiture, event, small business, landscape & travel. I am also very knowledgeable in editing and post processing using Adobe products, particularly, Lightroom & Photoshop. Being able to professionally edit my own photos versus outsourcing is important to me. The finished product is cohesive and mine and I take full credit haha! 

The rest of my professional working time, when I'm not capturing the valuable memories of others, is spent hanging out with my patients at AI duPont Hospital for Children where I have been a certified pediatric nurse for over 12  years. I think it is reassuring for future clients to learn that your children (and you) will be in extra safe hands!

When I am not doing professional things, I am spending every moment I can in the company of my family. My husband is a big supporter and is my second at weddings. He has made my professional dreams come true and he’s a great guy- he also brings the muscles to carry my gear and lets me boss him around for a few hours at weddings via our “covert walkie talkies” lol! I have a daughter and a son that always & happily smiles for the camera haha! If you follow me on social media then you probably know who they are. We are from Delaware, live in Avondale, and travel when we can.  

As a part-time professional photographer, I am always learning, growing, and educating myself. There are endless amounts and types of techniques and skills involved with both taking photos and post-processing them into perfection. I am lucky to have the opportunity to follow my heart and indulge in my passion for photography. 

How do I do you? i.e. my style

While it is vital to understand that every photographer has a unique style in the work that they do, it is important for me to deliver to my client what they want. Before I dive into a photoshoot, I like to get a good understanding and idea of what kind of photos my client is looking for. During photo sessions, my style of photography is both casual and natural, as I feel the best images are taken when you are less aware of the camera. In this way, I capture more spontaneous and uninhibited, candid moments. There will be times when we will start with or incorporate some poses and allow them to unfold naturally. Also, I will travel for work! I REALLY love traveling and finding new beautiful places to take pictures. There's also more to learn in my FAQ section. 

If you have gotten this far in the about me section, I sincerely thank you for your interest in my passion for photography. If you are a potential client looking for professional photos, a fellow photographer looking at my work, or just someone who happened to stop by, I hope you enjoy what you see and please, do not hesitate to contact me!

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