Here you see some examples of what sets my work apart. This exhibits my style and ability to fine tune images with the use of professional photo editing software.  It is important to me to not only keep up with current trends and produce photos with modern styles, but also to maintain quality. 

For those of you in the know: I shoot in RAW image format and use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to post-process. 


It is important for me to provide high quality photos. This means that basic adjustments are made to achieve good composition . Photos will look great on screen and in print. However, if you plan to order professional, large or poster-sized prints (generally, 11x14 and up) from a professional photo lab, you may choose to apply “Elaborate Post-Processing” to specific photos.


Beautiful, fine art images that require intricate post-processing + editing of images chosen by me with the use of powerful, professional photo-editing software. 10 photos are included in the base price.

This method of photo editing is ideal for higher quality images and larger prints. This is also a good idea if you like modern and trendy looks for your photos. I will hand pick your best, highest quality photos, but will ask your opinion if there are too many to choose from.

A lot of time and effort is used when editing photos using this process and can include the removal of unwanted objects or features, such as pimples, boogies, and boo-boos. Please keep in mind that techniques and styles are subjective and vary greatly amongst photographers. 

When working in tough spaces, I make sure to blur, and in this case darken, the background.

Making the sky pop just makes the whole picture transform into something more magical. 

It is important to make the subject(s) stand out. I needed to decrease attention to the crowd and lighten the bride and grooms faces. 

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