While great pictures can be obtained anytime, early morning or evening is best and middle of the afternoon when the sun is at its brightest is not most ideal. Most people have heard of “golden hour,” which starts an hour before sunset and this is when I like to do most of my outdoor pictures. I like to start 1.5 hours before sunset so that it doesn’t get too dark at the end. It is also important to make sure photoshoots are not in the middle of nap time and that you and your family don't feel too rushed beforehand.

Your pet is an important member of the family. They are always welcome to join your family for pictures!

This is a fee to secure your date and time and goes towards the total amount (not additional). It is non-refundable.

Many people stress way too much about location. There are many parks and other places (depending on what kind of photos are desired) that work great. I also do newborns and portraits at my in-home studio if indoor photos are desired or needed. Even photos in your own home or yard provide great lifestyle photo opportunities.

Typically, I will travel any distance. There is a small fee for locations greater than 30 miles away from my address and goes up in increments of 10 miles. In regards to "destination" locations, such as, for weddings, contact me for an exact price, which I would include with your entire quote. This usually requires travel costs for photographer(s) to be covered by the client.

I sell all kinds of awesome things through my website. All you have to do is click the "buy" button on an image or gallery. Items include cavases, thin mounts, wooden prints, metal prints, mouse pads, cell phone cases, etc... All items come from a professional photolab with quality unmatched by high volume or local businesses, especially those that do not specialize in photo printing services. Many online companies that are budget friendly, offer frequent discounts and free items lack very much in quality. I have several photolabs that I work with and choose mine based on quality and price. Ask me and I can bring examples!

While there are styles related to capturing photos, there are also unique styles in post-processing and editing them. All the photos you are provided with are "finished," as opposed to just transferring them to the computer, website, and to you in "as is" condition. I only capture photos in high quality RAW files, but these require basic touch-ups, such as, adjustments to sharpness and color and further post-processing that supports my unique style.

Photoshoots can be booked anytime, however, if you are looking for a specific time frame, it is best to book this a couple of months in advance. Weddings are usually booked a year in advance, especially if you are desiring engagement photos and want to send save the dates.

All images vary in size, but when you receive downloadable images with your package, they are full size and resolution. That means you are able to get LARGE, high-quality prints! In regards to wedding photography, there are a coupe of size options and that information will be provided if you need a quote.

The downloads come unwatermarked and with a personal use license. You can take and print them anywhere you want, but I highly recommend using a professional photolab like the one used through my website. If you post the images on social media, kindly give credit to your photographer by tagging @OliviaSaienniPhotography.

I password protect all of my client photos available for download. Meaning, when you click on the download button for a photo, you have to provide your password. Addtionally, you have the option to password protect your entire gallery.

If your babe likes to run around, so will I! I love photographing kids just the way they are. Though I will toss in a couple of posed shots, majority of our time will be doing whatever it is that makes them naturally happy. It’s the best way to capture their personalities and who they are!

On the day of your photoshoot, I can give you the best idea of how long it will take. The average time is a couple of days to 2 weeks. For weddings, it is a bit longer and can be up to 4 weeks depending on the amount of photos.

A family photo session or a photoshoot for lovers such as, engagement or pregnancy anouncement/maternity, lasts 30 min to 1 hour. A newborn session lasts up to about 3 hours. A mini session about 20 min.

My client can really be anyone. I recommend that clients look at my portfolio or social media to see if they admire my style for how I capture memories. A client of mine would appreciate candid moments of when they are as comfortable and natural as can be and who enjoys pictures of their true happiness & personalities. I am the photographer for the clients that are willing to just go with the flow of the moment and who may want something a little different and relaxed [and not so much posed and stiff]. Someone who values perhaps the traditional, but can also bend the rules and go and try new things.

This is best understood by looking at my portfolio and instagram. My style is organic. I will shoot the funny, the sweet, the love, and even the sadness. I want to capture you. I like spending a good amount of time with my clients and encourage breaks if needed (such as, to feed a newborn or give snacks to kids), but also like to keep things moving to make the event less stressful. I’m laid back [not an in your face kind of person], but shoot fast, and I think many clients are pleasantly surprised by what I capture. In regards to artistic image style, I enjoy capturing pictures using creative lighting and enjoy matte + film looks and modern/trendy color rendering.

I booked a photoshoot...now what?

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